Moving To Georgia After Getting A Promotion

My boss told me that there was a job getting ready to open up that I should apply for. He said that it would require me to move, but it would be a great job for me to have and would further my experience. I asked him where it was at and what job it was and he told me that it was in Georgia and gave me the job title. He said he would help me get the job because he knew I would be great at it. I wanted to look more into the pay, job description and where I would need to move to.

I went home after work and started looking into it a little bit more. I found lots of information on the job and it looked like it would suit me perfectly. I checked over the information about the city in Georgia it was in and it looked like a great place to live. I decided to apply for the job and I let my boss know I was interested. He said he would let me know as soon as it was posted.

A few days went by and I was still thinking about moving to Georgia and how it could really change a good bit in my life. I didn’t have any family holding me back from where I was at and thought it would be a great move. The next day, my boss told me the job was posted and that I could apply for it. I applied and had an interview set up for a couple days later. I was offered the job on the spot thanks to my boss that helped me out.

Next I had to find somewhere to live before I could do anything. I didn’t know anyone in Georgia or have anywhere to stay. I searched online for apartments and homes for sale. I decided to rent an apartment for the time being to make sure everything was going to work out. I was able to find an apartment to live in and it was really close to my job.

I love living in Georgia and I am so happy I chose to make the move. It was a great choice and the job I got is really good too. I am happy with my decision all around and can’t thank my boss enough.